Oh, Don't Mind Me...


20 Day Photo Challenge - Day 13 - A Celebrity You’d Do Anything to Meet 
Brad Pitt
No explanation is needed here other than I really would do JUST ABOUT anything. I draw the line at murder, assistance in murder, any major criminal activity (I have a conscience), eating poo, drinking urine, and a few select others. Everything else is game.
20 Day Photo Challenge - Day 6 - A Celeb You’d Have A Kissing Scene With
Ryan Gosling. 
Yep, I’m on of those girls who is utterly swooned by this man. I mean, come on, look at that face and how adorable he is. Not to mention I love his movies and I love his most recent Drive. The way he kissed Carey Mulligan in the elevator, YES PLEASE! Don’t even get me started on The Notebook and Crazy Stupid Love, perfection!  
My favorite Zeddie Little meme. 
It is out of control but it is hysterical! People of Tumblr, you win at life. 
20 Day Photo Challenge - Day 2 - A Celebrity You’d Marry If Given the Chance
David Beckham. Hands down.