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My Falling Skies Theory…

They will kill off Karen by the end of the season… 

That makes me sad - I love her character. My hopes are that they kill the thing that is controlling her and that way she’d be back to her normal self. Tonight’s episode proved that she isn’t herself, obviously. 

I just want original Karen back, not with Ben that’s for sure, but my guess is that they’ll kill her off. She is the antagonist causing all of the trouble now. 

What I picture happening in my head, probably won’t happen, but if she dies I hope it goes like this: she gets some sense back into her head and asks someone to kill her, she doesn’t want to be like that anymore - like a wounded animal you put out of it’s misery. How sad and depressing is that? Anyway… I know most of you hate her now because of tonight episode… I don’t. It’s all apart of her journey.

What do you think?